How To Do Better For Lasting Change

Hi Loves! In last weeks post I shared that I’m focused on doing better than I did yesterday. My own little way of leveling up each day, with small little mindfulness shifts towards doing what I want to do better in. The instant question that pops up is, well how do I do that? Here are just a few to get the brain thinking and moving a bit, with what may work for your specific life goals.

Skin With Love

If your goal is to clear your skin or create a skin care routine, start by just washing your face. Seems simple, but if you aren’t washing your face every night, just doing it some times or not at all, well that’s a great place to start. Doing this simple action every day, will build over time to a full grown habit. The key to skin care and getting great skin is all about consistency, that is instantly seen for years to come, so keep at. This supports being able to say “wow my skin looks amazing”…goal achieved!

Living With Love

If your goal is that you want to improve your sleep, start with winding down 10 minutes by reading a book or magazine. Put down any electronic device, no more touching until the next day! This time of letting the brain calm and just chill is important in supporting more sound sleep. Reading forces you to focus on the words that you are reading, and you will find over time, the chatter that you may find pops up for you starting out starts to settle down. You can increase the time a little each day, and will notice that you will go right into sleep more easily and wake up much more refreshed.

Food With Love

If your goal is to eat healthier start with eating something green everyday. By adding in foods that you want to eat, that support a healthier eating pattern, they take up the space that you would normally be eating something that was not so healthy. It is the concept of Crowding Out! When you crowd out the space with good things, habits, and such you push out those things and not so great habits. The space becomes filled with, crowded out, with healthier foods and creates a healthier eating habit.

Fit With Love

If your goal is move more than start walking a bit after so much time goes by. If you don’t have a smart watch that vibrates your wrist with reminders to move every hour I will share what I have been doing for the past few months. I call it 90 on 15 off. I work for 90 minutes and then take a 15 minute break to get up, take a walk around and drink water. This helps me stay productive in a realistic timing in getting things done but also not getting caught up in getting things done. This timing really allows for that with the needed benefit of taking a step away and re-calibrating. I find I have more energy and focus afterwards and have gotten some much needed steps in!

Those are just a few, and I do mean a few, ideas on how to do better than the day before. This practice at its core is being mindful. Being mindful is taking the time to take a look at what you are doing and what you want to be doing and, well doing it. Cheers to a year of doing better each day towards doing better all together!

Much Love, Nic ❤️

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Let’s Get Handsy

Love, a question for you here…when is the last time you pampered and said thank you to your hands? I know, its ok…we can change that today! With a few steps, your hands can be shown some love, care, and appreciation for all that they do and touch!

Did you know that the skin on your hands is thicker than on any other part of your body? It’s thicker because your hands are used in so many ways daily that require that added layer of protection by way of the skin. Those daily tasks can stress and strain your hands, which is why it is so important to show them some love and appreciation in all that they do.


One of the simplest and rewarding ways to show your hands some love is…EXFOLIATION! Exfoliation helps stimulate the blood flow, removes dead skin buildup, and gives you the opportunity to get some self love time in with yourself. I recommend that this simple process be done at least once a week making sure you follow up with a hydrating body or hand cream making sure to massage it into all areas of the hands making sure not to forget the nail area, so don’t forget those cuticles.


Moisturizing your hands is a crucial act needed for optimal hand health. That why it is important to add back in the hydration that it looses through those many daily tasks that we do every second of the day. Our hands can dry out quickly because of the amount of motion and action that they are engaged in. This action requires an added level of care and attention. For myself, after I wash my hands I make sure that I am using a hydrating hand cream and massage it into my hands, which also helps with circulation a bit. I also use a body butter on my hands at night before I go to bed for an added boost of repair and hydration while I sleep.

What Ya Need

There is no need spend a lot of money on a scrub if you have the following ingredients in your kitchen. Sugar in the raw, the only reason that I keep it in stock is for body care treatments, and coconut oil, is always on hand because it does so much in and out of the kitchen. Added bonus ingredients is cinnamon, lemon juice, or essential oils of choice.

1/4 cup Sugar

1/2 cup Coconut Oil

Hydrating Hand Lotion or Body Butter

Select One Option Below:

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 Lemon Zested and Juiced

10-20 drops Essential

What Ya Do

  • Mix all ingredients together in a glass container, and store in a glass jar with a lid.
  • Allow to set up in the fridge for about an hour.
  • Once setup using a table spoon, spoon out a spoon full into the palm of your hand.
  • Using your hands massage the scrub gently over all areas of your hands. I suggest doing this over a sink so it catches any fall out.
  • Do this motion for about a minute, being sure that you are gentle in pressure.
  • Rinse off using cool water.
  • Apply hand lotion or body butter to your hands massaging the lotion into your hands.

While doing the massaging motions I like to say thank you to my hands for all that they do, and how much I appreciate them for that. Mindful appreciation is important to do, honoring the amazing parts of our body that carry us around each and every day.


Another important hand care is to stretch them out, to release some of the tension and heal some of the abuse caused through out daily lives. As an esthetician, I use my hands as part of my practice so I have a routine that I go through to release and relax my hands from the daily use that I can put them through. It is imperative that I do my hand exercises as they are my main tools. A useful guide that I found is something that any everyone should be doing daily, if not several times a day. This article is geared towards those with arthritis, but I say anyone with hands can benefit from these exercises. Check out the eight hand exercises here–>Take Me To Article.

Hands are one of the top neglected parts of the body, that fall into skin care category. I care deeply about hand health and know the importance of care and treatment, through my own daily practice needs. We use them every second of the day on some capacity. It is up to us to be sure that we are taking care of them and showing them much needed love!

Much Love, Nic

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After Workout Skincare Must Haves

Feeding You Friday Fit With Nic focused today on my workout skincare must haves!  When people find out that I am an esthetician the questions come rolling in and I don’t mind at all.  I can tell that these are questions that they have been just longing to ask and not a single soul to ask it to.  One question that I got asked the other day from a fitness professional was what are some of my workout skincare bag must haves.  Ask, and ye shall receive, here are my top three products that are in my gym bag these days!

O² Calming Gel by Le Mieux Product Link

​​Why I literally carry this around with me is that it is all natural containing 18 botanical extracts that immediately relieve skin irritation, burning, stinging, and redness, leaving skin calm, soothed, and moisturized.  If your skin is experiencing any of these sensations after a workout, this will help!  I slather a thing layer on after washing my face and will leave it there far after it has calmed my skin down.  I also use this is my treatments for micro-current and if clients are experiencing any irritation during or post treatment.  This is perfect for bug bites, as I can attest given how I am mosquito magnet for some odd reason.

Pure Goat Milk Face Wipes by Beekman 1802  Product Link

​​This are a must for me.  They give me a quick solution to removing sweat, while cooling the skin down at the same time.  This is perfect if you are not somewhere you can wash your face.  Formulated with goat milk, CoQ10, cucumber extract, contains no alcohol and fragrance free.  The perfect formulation for senstivie skin types, which most people skin is compromised past work out in some way, so be gentle you must and these help with the gentle formulation.  They cleanse, calm and hydrate the skin all at the same time.

Hot Vegan Probiotic and Spice Rehab Mask by Pacifica Product Link

​​This face mask gives my skin a pick me up when I just feel like it has been abused from my intense workouts that I do from time to time.  The formulation is what it is all about for me too.  It is fortified with probiotics which are the good bacteria that feed the body in amazing ways, white willow bark which is calming, and coconut water, hydrating and cooling.  It just gives your skin a boost that it needs to kick it into gear to do what it already knows how to do, it just aids it in the process a bit.

As you will notice about these items is that they are all calming, soothing, and boosting to the skin.  They help to bring the skin back down from it’s heated sometimes irritated state.  Remember that it is important to move your body but also important to be aware of how it affects all areas of your body and your face is one of those area for awareness.  Show it some love and care, after all it was right there with you while your were getting your workout on.

Much Love, Nic 💗

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For Great Skin You Gotta Have A Routine

If you want to have great skin you have to have a routine. Skin care just like life care is cumulative. The more you do on a consistent basis will show! Yes, I know the question HOW popped into your head! For the sake of the cumulative affect on your skin I have an answer for you. Start at the most basic of levels when it comes to creating a skin care routine that works for you now. Here are a few general recommendations to get you started on the right path broken down for morning needs and then evening needs.

Note: This is just a basic routine to help you get use to the foundational basics needed to build upon and with those in mind who don’t or do have a routine for their skin.

Morning Routine Needs

Here is the thing about coming up with YOUR morning routine. It is something that you have to do for how your skin looks each morning you wake up. There will be some days you may feel the need to wash your face and others you just simply rinse with water or use a konjac sponge like I love using in the morning.

  1. Cleanse– Only if needed, simply rinsing your face off with warm or cool water may be all your skin needs first thing in the morning. If for some reason you need to actually wash your face I always recommend using a gentle cleanser nothing too harsh.
  2. Hydrate – Based on your skin type needs now is the time to add some hydration to your skin. If you have dry skin a cream may be your best option where as those with oilier skin types a light moisturizing lotion type will suffice if anything at all. Sometimes the next step provides you with the needed hydration for oily and normal skin types so see how it feels on your skin and adjust accordingly.
  3. Sun Protect – Every person that has skin needs that added level of sun protection exposure through applying a SPF. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see the sun, it is a rainy or cloudy day. The sun rays are still making there way through the rains and clouds. If it is daytime apply sun protection of some sort.

Evening Routine Needs

The evening time is focused about removing the day from your face from makeup, oil, dead skin, dirt and debris. It is also the perfect time to allow your face time to recuperate from the day that it was exposed to. There is the addition of

  1. Cleanse – This is a step that can change so many peoples skin in such amazing ways. Use a cleanser that is formulated for your face and your skin type. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use body wash or bar soap! It is not formulated for the more delicate layers of skin on your face.
  2. Second cleanse – If you wear long lasting makeup I always recommend doing a second cleanse to be sure that you breakdown the ingredients that give makeup its staying power. Remember that you are removing products and day time exposure build up that may be sitting in and on top of our pores. Your skin needs time to just be and just breathe so DON’T skip this step.
  3. Hydration – I’m going to be honest…sometimes the effort of being sure that your skin in clear and free of mostly the things we willingly put on our skin. You got to add back in that hydration that may have been stripped through removing mostly those Oils and Creams.

So there you have he basics to get you started down that path of great healthy skin. Healthy skin starts with the basics and this guide on what to do when should help in achieving just that.

Much Love, Nic

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A Spring Skin Woes Guide

Hi loves, and welcome to Spring! For others they have sniffling noses and sneezing spells, but for me it’s all about my skin woes. Spring is official and in full affect and my skin is not a happy camper, at all!  I have such sensitive skin that this time of year with all these trees, flowers, plants and wind blowing around all that’s blooming, that my skin turns into an unhappy hyper-sensitive mess.

As an esthecician I know how to treat my current skin condition, and trust me I am super vigilant to avoid a huge hyper-pigmentation mess that it can become.  It’s hard to avoid having a reaction of some sort unless I stay in doors for the next three months, and yeah that’s not happening. I like to enjoy the comfortable warmth of the weather changes before the hotter than hot summer months approach and then that’s when I stay in doors as much as humanly possible.  In knowing that most don’t and shouldn’t suffer alone, I thought I would share a few suggestions that may help those that may be experiencing the same skin reaction as I’m currently experiencing.

What you first have to understand is that your skin is in a reactive state, environmentally reactive to be specific.  So the products that you reach for, its even more important to know what you are putting on your skin and the potential reaction that it can cause.  For me I tend to reach for products that are organic, vegan, and fragrance free, perfect for skin that is in a more reactive state.  

Why you ask? These type of products don’t usually contain ingredients that may contain chemicals or heavily processed using chemicals or  harsh fragrance added to them which makes them less likely to cause irritation to the skin.  Products that have too many chemicals my irritate sensitized skin, even if you have been using a product line before with no reaction, your skin condition has changed and how you treat it has to change right along with it.  Bottom line is that it’s better to avoid product lines that have the potential to cause irritation to already environmentally sensitized skin. Here are a few items that I reach for that calm the skin and try to minimize the reactive affects of my skin being exposed to the air and all the pollen particles flying in the air.


You want to be sure that you are cleansing and removing from your skin those irritants that may be present that attach to your skin just by going about our day. This is one of the most important steps in the process, especially at night at the end of your day. So choose wisely, and look for a cleanser that does not contain any perfumes, or colorants, and contains soothing ingredients like calendula or aloe, which both calm and soothe the skin upon application. You also want to use a cream cleanser as they are less harsher in the basic formulation compared to other types of cleansers.

The cleanser that I use and one of the most important part of the skin care plan that aids in alleviating the affects from the environment and the reaction that it may be causing to the skin.  The “Seriously Soothing Cleanser Cream” by Acure is the perfect cleanser for skin that is feeling sensitized.  It is a cream cleanser that feels amazing on the skin that has a soothing and cooling affect, without causing further irritation, all while removing the dirt and debris that may be on your skin.

Cleansing Wipes are another item that I carry with me for those times that I just have to cleanse my face because it may be feeling a bit reactive. Carrying these around can be a life saver during this time of year and also serve as a cold compress that will cool the skin down just simply by laying it onto the skin. Again you want to look for wipes that are fragrance free and formulated specifically for comforting or soothing the skin.

The wipes that I love are ones that I have made using my own personal formulation, but since they are not readily I wanted to provide your with ones that I would use if I didn’t have my own creating. They are the Soothing Makeup Free Removal Wipes by Klorane. They are formulated without fragrance, have a pH similar to tears, are biodegradable, and contain cornflower as a main ingredient that is soothing to the skin.


A must, and carrying one with you will be your go to when you are out an about and have those moments when your face is itching or feeling irritated.  A toner on hand allows for a quick relief to grab quickly by allowing for direct application to the skin to help calm and soothe the skin. It’s like liquid comfort in a bottle!

My product go to is the Soothing Chamomile Tonique by Eminence Organic Skincare. I absolutely love this product, I even use it after my workouts to help calm and soothe that after workout skin reaction. What makes this toner my love, are the well balanced ingredients that this product contains, all organic at that.  Chamomile and aloe are calming and soothing alleviating that itchy and tight sensation. With licorice and lavender both calming skin irritation. Comfrey Root has anti-inflammatory properties that reduces inflammation that is sometimes present due to the skin being irritated, a natural protective barrier function and sometimes unfortunate after effect.  


Sun Screen has to be on the list for the simple reason that it must always be a part of your skin care regimen.  Ever since I became an esthetician, I’m the sunscreen pusher of sorts.  I mean I can go on for a few minutes about the benefits of sunscreen and how not using it on a daily basis is causing you to age prematurely, yeah cause having wrinkles and creepy skin is all the rage.  Ok, I’ll table for a later post to come real soon, it deserves it’s own post! 

My everyday sunscreen is Sun Shield SPF by MyChelle Dermaceutical.  It is a chemical free sunscreen option that my skin can tolerate, I am reactive to most other sunscreens and it has taken me some time to find a product that I can say I have absolutely no reaction to and this is it.  This sunscreen is a full spectrum sunscreen that is also soothing with aloe ingredients, that is soothing to the skin.  Most importantly is that it protects your skin from the sun, even more important with your skin being in a reactive and potentially delicate state.  

The top layer of your skin may be compromised, exposed, or just in need of additional care and consideration, remember your skin is working on repairing itself, which is why it is reactive.  It feels like it is under attack and it’s fighting hard to win the fight.  So let’s show it some love by giving it some protection, like you would by putting a band aid on a wound to allow it to heal.  That’s what your sunscreen is for your skin, a band aid of protecting and love from the sun.

Go Bare Face

If you are a makeup wearer you may want to consider using a mineral based product line or do as I do, embrace your beautiful skin that is just going through something and just keep it bare with just your moisturizer and sunscreen, and arsenal of helpers at hand.  I know that it is tempting to want to cover up what may be going on, but it may actually cause more harm than good.  Remember what I sad earlier, to use products that do not have a lot of chemicals, dyes and fragrances as they can be irritating, same rule applies with your makeup that you use.  If you have to use makeup then opt for a mineral based makeup line that may be better tolerated by the skin. 

There you have a list of products to gather up for your Spring Skin Care Woes Loving Kit. I understand how frustrating it can be but promise that if you stay vigilante your skin will say thank you in the end. Take some care this season to help your skin get over any woes that it may be experiencing.

Much Love, Nic

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Facial Do’s and No No’s

I stand here representing every single Esthetician out there that cares about your skin health and I require you to promise from the bottom of your heart and soul that you WILL LISTEN to what I say and DO WHAT I say!  I want you to have the best post care experience.  So when I say this should be done and this should not be done there is a reason.  If you are one of those that need a little more than because I said – here are the do’ and no no’s after a facial.

No Touching Allowed – Ok, I honestly understand that after your receive a facial your skin feels so amazing that you just can’t help but want to touch it in all it’s new skinness beauty.  But DO NOT TOUCH, there is no touching allowed.  Your skin has been thoroughly cleansed and the last thing that it needs are fingers that are most likely not even clean touching it for the sole purpose of touching.  So STOP, keep your hands to yourself, just admire your spa glow in the mirror.  I give you permission to look at yourself in the mirror all night long, just please do not touch!  Let your skin recover and breathe.

Change Your Pillow Case – This is something that I have started to advocate people do post facial treatment after having too many conversations about why their skin is experiencing a breakout in their sleep, but that is another convo soon to come.  Your pillowcase can contain the various oils and treatment serums that you put on your face from night to night so changing it out every couple of days is crucial.  I mean you wash your face in the morning and night so a pillowcase change should be a part of the washing your face process, it’s keeping your skin clean, right!  That’s what makes after you receive a facial the perfect time to change your pillow case to a freshly cleaned one, silk or satin if I can be picky about the fabric type, haha.     

Schedule Next Facial Like Vampires Do – I always encourage people to have facials in the evening if they can.  It is the best time because you will be heading home, the sun is not out.  This is the best scenario for your skin and the confusion about what should I do is minimal when you have a facial in the evening.  Plus you have the added benefit that you are all relaxed in a spa state of mind, making for a great nights rest.  Your skin will love that for sure!    

No Sweating Allowed – Now this is no excuse to not workout, just do it before your facial appointment.  We want to avoid heating the skin up unnecessarily as that has been done throughout the treatment, and there is a limit to a good thing!  There is no need to heat the skin up to only have those amazingly active ingredients that have been applied to your skin to just go to waste.  Just take a breather and let your skin just enjoy it’s post spa glow, after all your face just got a work out and needs time to recover.

Exfoliate Not – Avoid any type of exfoliation or chemical peels for the next 3 days.  Your skin needs time to breathe and or recover for the treatment that it just received, that should have included some type of exfoliation and depending on the type of treatment plan that you are on may have included a chemical peel.  So there is no need to exfoliate for the next couple of days, it has already been done for you. 

Take a Retin A Break – Retin A is a form of exfoliation and should be avoided for the same reasons as stated above for a 72 hour period applied topically.  Trust me I know you are addicted to your Retin A most people are and rightfully so, but three days is not going to reverse the effects of your diligent application nightly routine that you are currently accustomed to.  Keep in mind that your skin may be more receptive to your serums that you apply post facial as the skin has been cleansed and exfoliated of dead skin cells allowing for better product absorption.  A win win, no.

Say Bye Bye to the Sun – Honestly your time in the sun should be limited every day, but it is even more crucial post treatment.  Your skin is all fresh and clean and needs to be treated in a delicate manner of speaking, so say bye bye to hanging in the sun.  Besides the indoors need some love and chill time in those many spaces.  If you must be in the sun be sure to use a sunscreen and wear protective clothing, sunglasses a hat, or better yet just stay inside, see where I’m going with this!

Now remember that promise that you made before about DOING what I say!  Your face will thank you for it and so will your Esthetician.  Remember I am here for you to have the best skin possible so when I say do this, its for you to have the best skin possible.  That’s what we all want, no!?

Much Love, Nic

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Skin Typing Basics

Hi Loves, and welcome to your Friday!  This months focus is on taking it back to the basics with the idea of needing to have that foundation strong and solid in order to build upon it to make lasting meaningful changes in all ares of our lives.  So, as we slowly move into the end of this month I wanted to share some helpful information that I shared exclusively with my newsletter subscribers at the start of this month.  I shared the basics of skin typing and the specific needs based on the type of skin.    

When it comes to taking care of your skin you really have to know what your skin type is. This basic knowledge will help you to know what is good for your skin based on its needs and what may be counterproductive to your overall skin health. There are four basic skin types; normal, dry, oily, and combination.  I have broken down product needs and types based on the skin typing to help guide you through the basics of skin care needs.

Much Love, Nic

Now you know the types, here is a helpful video that explains how to keep it clean.   Remember that you have to know the basics to make a change and starting with your skin is a great place to start to make some changes.  It is the first thing that we present out to the world and that people see.  So why not start there with some skin with love 🥰

Much Love, Nic 💗

Do you need help with making changes to your skin and body health but not sure where to start or how to?  Schedule a one on one session with me–>📧