5 Struggles I Had Going Keto As A Vegetarian

Hello, loves! With the start of a new year, well people are all about eating right and this and that. A couple of month back I tried the whole “Keto Diet”. As soon as I did I learned a lot in an instant and thought I would share my eating experience, from a vegetarian stand point. This was a lesson in bio-individuality. What works for one person just may not work for the other. I was the other here in this scenario.

#1 It Sucks If You Don’t Like Coconut

As a person that does not like coconut at all, man the struggle was real, like beyond real! Let’s just say that I was not a happy camper with the whole coconut this and that. They are powerful supplements in the ketoverse, but in my land, in my world, it was a yuck, I do not and can not eat it, and yup I am still hungry! Yes you can find other ways around it, but it took ways around it, which took additional planning. Also see #4 adding to the stress on top of not liking coconut.

#2 Headaches and Muscleaches Ain’t My Jam

OMG, when I say that I had the worst headache for 3 days straight starting out and was achy all over! I was miserable to the point that it was affecting my sleep and just being able to walk comfortably. How can this be something good for my body to go through was my instant thought. So, diving deeper to figure out what the hell to do about it. I tired several things and realized the cause of my headaches and overall achyness, causing me to be a grumpy person all day long! My electrolytes were out of wack, in other words I was suffering from the keto flu. I added in a cup of water with a pinch of himilayan sea salt three times throughout the day. Man did it make my headache slowly fade away and my muscles less achy. I was starting to feel normal, well not like crap!

#3 Poop Be Gone

Now I am that person that is completely comfortable talking about poop. I will have no problem asking did you poop today and celebrating if you did or figuring out an action plan to get things moving. So it goes without saying that the whole not pooping everyday while on keto, well I just did not know how to feel about it. Everything that I saw said that this was normal, and that you may need to supplement with psyllium husk, or other keto friendly fiber supplements. WHYYYYYYY, when I can just eat something that has fiber in it naturally, like an apple or even oatmeal! So needless to say, Nic Love was not a happy camper about the lack of natural fiber and being encouraged to take a supplement. This right here made me become such a brat. I like to eat real food and really do feel that food is meant to heal, when eaten appropriately for your bodies needs, but I digress…I guess.

#4 Vegetarian and Keto Are Not The Best Of Friends In My World

As a vegetarian I have come to embrace that if I want to eat real food that tastes good and good for me then, to the kitchen I must go! The keto way to eat requires a lot of planning and it was exhausting! I really had to have an action plan, especially not eating meat and not eating processed food. That meant that I had to cook every single thing that I wanted to eat and pay close attention to my macros, protein specifically. With my protein macro, required special attention, since I was used to eating non-keto friendly plant based protein sources such as legumes. The recommended keto friendly source is soy based, which for me I have a slight sensitivity in excess. This made it unnecessarily hard, and I just do not feel that eating should be a complicated process.

#5 Working Out Just Never Got Easy

I have heard many a person say that you just have to get past a certain point to allow your body to adjust. That never happened to me to the point that I felt ok while working out. I love to do HIIT workouts, and while doing keto, I could barely do a yoga session that was nothing more than relaxation and stretching focused. The only type of working out I could do was walking. As a person with limited time during the week, walking was not going to cut it from a fitness standpoint and the amount of time I had available for fitness.

So those are my five struggles that I experienced doing keto. Do I think this is a horrible diet that is a waste of time? No, not at all! It is a great way to allow your body the time to do a resetting of sorts. For me, and my body and lifestyle it was just too hard of a diet to follow. I did learn some great things about the diet, and can see how it can be a lasting way of eating for some, but me it just was not a good fit long term. Thank you Keto Diet, for the three months of memories…

Much Love, Nic πŸ’—

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