Two Fears In Weight-loss: A Healthcoach Viewpoint

I was out shopping today grabbing a few items and noticed the aisle of Halloween supplies, decorations, what you didn’t know you needed in your life to celebrate this holiday all glaring at me. As I strolled down the aisle of horror, it got me to thinking about fears. Then that got me to thinking about fears focused specifically on loosing weight, the causes – the root to it all.  What makes for a fear when it comes to loosing weight and how do those fears show up and affect the process?  Well, each one serves a different purpose, highlighting an area of personal struggle and a need for growth and change in that area.   

For me there are two main fears that helped me carry and encourage the weight along.  Although I am at a different point in my health and weight loss journey where these fears no longer serve me or control me for that matter, they were a part of the process that I had to acknowledge in order to shift to a new me and a new set of standards for living for MY best ME.  These were legit fears that provided me the justification of caring the weight around. 

Fear #1: Unwanted attention will rear it’s ugly head.

When talking about fears we have to take a step back and figure out the why we are on this journey.  The why of what the weight represents that you just don’t want to have to deal with, the what we are avoiding!  For me the main reason that I allowed myself to put the weight on was a shield from unwanted male attention.  I thought that by putting my shield of weight on that it would make it all stop.  Well, I did that and when I say it was no shield, just a magnet for attracting other issues, locking on for a ride.     

This is a hard fear to overcome when it comes to the unwanted attention of other people.  I have been able to shift my views on not allowing the words of other people to keep me from embracing my womaness.  Yes I know that it is ridiculously hard to not feel some days overwhelmingly beat down by the unwanted comments and attention of others.  But here’s the thing, NEVER sacrifice your own physical happiness it will never be worth it and it directly affects your mental happiness too. 

Yes the shield provides a sense of comfort but it causes more harm than it does good in the long run.  The harm being the extra weight that you are carrying around that causes physical harm to your body, your joints, bones and muscles.  That very shield that we are allowing to protect us also does that, keeps out all things both good and not so good, but with that it can keep out the goodness that we need to let in too.      

The one thing that I have learned is that you can’t control other people you can only control yourself.   Yes some humans are simply a** holes and think they can say, touch, shame, or guilt you in sexual ways.  Remember that you are not at fault for their lack of respect for another human being. 

I know how hard it is to process through these emotions and will not attempt to say that it is easy to get over.  What I have learned is that I control only me, and you have to be realistic with how people are that you wish or want to be different.  If I know that going to certain places will make me uncomfortable I avoid them.  What is the point of putting myself in a position like that?  Yes it may be seemingly inconvenient to avoid places, but the alternative is not something that I am willing to chance.  I love myself far too much for avoidable hardship that may dull my ability to sparkle. 

What is important here is that you show up in this world as your best self.  Not a self that has allowed a shield to be built, all be it as a means of protection, but at what cost to your authentic YOUNESS?  By living as your best self you  tap into that light that only we can shine that may help others during periods of darkness to realize that they are not alone in this fight for living life.  I face this fear head on by remembering that I deserve only happiness, love and peace in my life, and determined to show up in this world as my best self fighting like hell to do just that.

Fear #2: I won’t be able to eat what I want to

This is one of the main reasons why people all over the world carry extra weight around!  You see we have to look at food as not a means of comfort, because when it enters into that realm it becomes a extremely toxic and an unhealthy relationship.  When we allow ourselves to latch on to things that are not healthy for our bodies, we have entered the danger zone of addiction by means of food. 

Food addiction as a means of coping can be a hard addiction to overcome for some.  It is complex by nature starting with the simple fact that we need food, we have to eat in order to survive and learning to have the self control can be challenging.  For me personally I had to take a step back and look at it as not being kind to myself.  I was being extremely cruel, abusive and mean to myself through the foods that I was allowing myself to eat.  Foods that tasted good but caused internal inflammation, strained my heart, stretched my skin revealing tears in the skin a.k.a. stretch marks, added pressure to my joints, achyness and pain, with the reflection in the mirror causing at times debilitating mental suffering. 

I had allowed my own self to be abusive in a similar manner that I was attempting to protect myself from to begin with!  When you don’t even require your own self to respect YOURSELF you can’t expect others to do the same.  We are the ones that create the instruction and care manual, that is reflected in how we treat ourselves.  When I finally realized this and forgave myself for the mistreatment of my own self, only then was I able to change my instruction and care manual.  I rewrote the manual from a loving place that set new requirements that have changed the food that I eat to be kind and loving to my body in how it is grown and harvested and prepared.  

So you see I can eat whatever I want because I have set a new requirement for how I eat and if it does not align with that then it does not get eaten!  The same can be true for you and it starts by looking at beyond the simple act of eating. Towards a bigger picture vision of how it affects you after you eat it and your body processes it for what it needs to thrive and not just survive.  You become what you feed yourself, so be aware of the quality and standard that it falls into or is.    

There you have my two fears that I had allowed to keep me in a position of being overweight and beyond unhappy physically and emotionally.  With all the fear that I allowed to keep me or carried with me as one point in my journey, I can honestly say that they just do not scare me enough to keep from being happy.  I deserve nothing but love and goodness and it starts by requiring those very same things of myself that I also require of others.  Remember this, that all fears do is keep us from being our best selves!

Much Love, Nic

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A Spring Skin Woes Guide

Hi loves, and welcome to Spring! For others they have sniffling noses and sneezing spells, but for me it’s all about my skin woes. Spring is official and in full affect and my skin is not a happy camper, at all!  I have such sensitive skin that this time of year with all these trees, flowers, plants and wind blowing around all that’s blooming, that my skin turns into an unhappy hyper-sensitive mess.

As an esthecician I know how to treat my current skin condition, and trust me I am super vigilant to avoid a huge hyper-pigmentation mess that it can become.  It’s hard to avoid having a reaction of some sort unless I stay in doors for the next three months, and yeah that’s not happening. I like to enjoy the comfortable warmth of the weather changes before the hotter than hot summer months approach and then that’s when I stay in doors as much as humanly possible.  In knowing that most don’t and shouldn’t suffer alone, I thought I would share a few suggestions that may help those that may be experiencing the same skin reaction as I’m currently experiencing.

What you first have to understand is that your skin is in a reactive state, environmentally reactive to be specific.  So the products that you reach for, its even more important to know what you are putting on your skin and the potential reaction that it can cause.  For me I tend to reach for products that are organic, vegan, and fragrance free, perfect for skin that is in a more reactive state.  

Why you ask? These type of products don’t usually contain ingredients that may contain chemicals or heavily processed using chemicals or  harsh fragrance added to them which makes them less likely to cause irritation to the skin.  Products that have too many chemicals my irritate sensitized skin, even if you have been using a product line before with no reaction, your skin condition has changed and how you treat it has to change right along with it.  Bottom line is that it’s better to avoid product lines that have the potential to cause irritation to already environmentally sensitized skin. Here are a few items that I reach for that calm the skin and try to minimize the reactive affects of my skin being exposed to the air and all the pollen particles flying in the air.


You want to be sure that you are cleansing and removing from your skin those irritants that may be present that attach to your skin just by going about our day. This is one of the most important steps in the process, especially at night at the end of your day. So choose wisely, and look for a cleanser that does not contain any perfumes, or colorants, and contains soothing ingredients like calendula or aloe, which both calm and soothe the skin upon application. You also want to use a cream cleanser as they are less harsher in the basic formulation compared to other types of cleansers.

The cleanser that I use and one of the most important part of the skin care plan that aids in alleviating the affects from the environment and the reaction that it may be causing to the skin.  The “Seriously Soothing Cleanser Cream” by Acure is the perfect cleanser for skin that is feeling sensitized.  It is a cream cleanser that feels amazing on the skin that has a soothing and cooling affect, without causing further irritation, all while removing the dirt and debris that may be on your skin.

Cleansing Wipes are another item that I carry with me for those times that I just have to cleanse my face because it may be feeling a bit reactive. Carrying these around can be a life saver during this time of year and also serve as a cold compress that will cool the skin down just simply by laying it onto the skin. Again you want to look for wipes that are fragrance free and formulated specifically for comforting or soothing the skin.

The wipes that I love are ones that I have made using my own personal formulation, but since they are not readily I wanted to provide your with ones that I would use if I didn’t have my own creating. They are the Soothing Makeup Free Removal Wipes by Klorane. They are formulated without fragrance, have a pH similar to tears, are biodegradable, and contain cornflower as a main ingredient that is soothing to the skin.


A must, and carrying one with you will be your go to when you are out an about and have those moments when your face is itching or feeling irritated.  A toner on hand allows for a quick relief to grab quickly by allowing for direct application to the skin to help calm and soothe the skin. It’s like liquid comfort in a bottle!

My product go to is the Soothing Chamomile Tonique by Eminence Organic Skincare. I absolutely love this product, I even use it after my workouts to help calm and soothe that after workout skin reaction. What makes this toner my love, are the well balanced ingredients that this product contains, all organic at that.  Chamomile and aloe are calming and soothing alleviating that itchy and tight sensation. With licorice and lavender both calming skin irritation. Comfrey Root has anti-inflammatory properties that reduces inflammation that is sometimes present due to the skin being irritated, a natural protective barrier function and sometimes unfortunate after effect.  


Sun Screen has to be on the list for the simple reason that it must always be a part of your skin care regimen.  Ever since I became an esthetician, I’m the sunscreen pusher of sorts.  I mean I can go on for a few minutes about the benefits of sunscreen and how not using it on a daily basis is causing you to age prematurely, yeah cause having wrinkles and creepy skin is all the rage.  Ok, I’ll table for a later post to come real soon, it deserves it’s own post! 

My everyday sunscreen is Sun Shield SPF by MyChelle Dermaceutical.  It is a chemical free sunscreen option that my skin can tolerate, I am reactive to most other sunscreens and it has taken me some time to find a product that I can say I have absolutely no reaction to and this is it.  This sunscreen is a full spectrum sunscreen that is also soothing with aloe ingredients, that is soothing to the skin.  Most importantly is that it protects your skin from the sun, even more important with your skin being in a reactive and potentially delicate state.  

The top layer of your skin may be compromised, exposed, or just in need of additional care and consideration, remember your skin is working on repairing itself, which is why it is reactive.  It feels like it is under attack and it’s fighting hard to win the fight.  So let’s show it some love by giving it some protection, like you would by putting a band aid on a wound to allow it to heal.  That’s what your sunscreen is for your skin, a band aid of protecting and love from the sun.

Go Bare Face

If you are a makeup wearer you may want to consider using a mineral based product line or do as I do, embrace your beautiful skin that is just going through something and just keep it bare with just your moisturizer and sunscreen, and arsenal of helpers at hand.  I know that it is tempting to want to cover up what may be going on, but it may actually cause more harm than good.  Remember what I sad earlier, to use products that do not have a lot of chemicals, dyes and fragrances as they can be irritating, same rule applies with your makeup that you use.  If you have to use makeup then opt for a mineral based makeup line that may be better tolerated by the skin. 

There you have a list of products to gather up for your Spring Skin Care Woes Loving Kit. I understand how frustrating it can be but promise that if you stay vigilante your skin will say thank you in the end. Take some care this season to help your skin get over any woes that it may be experiencing.

Much Love, Nic

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