About Nic

Hi my loves! My name is Nic Love and I am an Esthetician and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. So are you asking what the heck is or does that do or even mean? Well simply put, an Esthetician is a skin care therapist that knows how the skin works and what it needs to be at its optimal health and how to help get you there. An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is focused on helping people with their dietary needs using a holistic approach to achieving a healthy body weight, gut health, mental clarity, all leading to that sweet spot of having a healthy, happy and thriving body.

Through my own personal journey focused on improving my own well-being and healing my internal skin health towards increased wellness I learned first hand the importance of leading from a place of love.  I was hard on myself, not feeling worthy of living my dreams that I had in my heart and refused to be honest about my weight carrying justifications.  When I started coming from and approaching everything from a place of love, that is when a shift happened and I was able to address my own skin care concerns and issues, lost over 45 lbs, and rediscovered my ME!

Intuitively when we take an approach to our overall health from a loving place we will be guided accordingly.  This loving approach applied to every single aspect of life from that loving place is how to connect and navigate towards making changes to overall skin health both externally and internally.  The impact on how we feed our body in the many ways through the foods that we eat, the thoughts that we feed ourselves, as well as how we move our body, all being the key links to overall skin and body health and wellness and I am your guide and support through it all!    

If you are having trouble with those weight carrying justifications and working on letting both the weight and justifications go contact me so we can chat about it all. I have experience in helping my clients in making significant lasting changes in all areas of their lives. So lets chat by scheduling a free one on one consultation here–>💌

If you just want to know more about me and my practice please head over to my skin and health care practice website (http://www.niclove.com).