Are You Living Two Faced

Are you two faced? The person that is trying really hard to be someone or something that they are not. There is no possible way that you are happy living the life designed to be the life of someone else. I am a believer that we are meant to be who we are, you know why fit in when you are meant to stand out.

We were designed for a specific purpose tailored to the unique individuals that each of us are intended to be. With that being the truth, then why would you want to wear another face when you were meant to rock the face that you were born with, why change it to look like someone else. You see your face may have been designed to inspire others to embrace their own faces enjoying the distinct features that only they have that can not be taken away by anyone else!

Embrace your unique face, don’t be two faced anymore, this great Sunday of ours. Take that face and work on working towards that greatness that only your face is meant to do, experience, pass on or take in. Stop looking at others and trying to change your face to look like theirs, love you for being you. There was no mistake so why are you trying to fix what is not even broken which was designed with such perfection. Repeat after me, My imperfections are what make me perfect, repeat every single day until you get it and you are whole faced again.

Much Love,

Nic ❤️

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